Health Data Worldwide – OCTOBER 2021 REEDITION

Context and objectives

”Health data” is a generic term that refers to a wide range of data types that have a common feature: they inform about the health status of an individual or a population. Such data can be found in multiple sources scattered around the healthcare system.

The variety of health data types and sources, combined with the complexity in identifying and evaluating them, motivated the creation of this report by TechToMed.

“International benchmark of key health data sources” is the first report to map and assess the most important sources of health data in the world.

The objectives of this study are:

  • Map and assess the different sources of health data worldwide ;
  • Identify key use cases and trends based on these data sources ;
  • Propose recommendations to healthcare stakeholders in their health data strategies.

What you will find in this study

  • A complete overview of all data types and sources with assessments of their specificity, their consistency, their comprehensiveness, they level of standardization, their interoperability and their accessibility.
  • Top 10 trends in health data worldwide illustrated by facts and figures.
  • An in-depth description, analysis and evaluation of 4 main categories of health data sources: national databases, electronic health records, cohorts and real-world databases in an international scale.
  • An overview of international data protection and security frameworks including international interoperability standards.
  • 5 of the most important use cases in health data: the European digital single market, public health monitoring with a focus on Covid-19, personalized medicine, oncology research and pharmaceutical development.

The methodology is based on desk research :

  • Scientific publications
  • Specialized journals
  • Websites from institutions, corporations and startups
  • Studies and institutional recommendations

Identify the perimeter of health data and key international trends

  1. Study the definition of “health data” to define a perimeter for the study.
  2. Identify and synthesize the different types and sources of health data, with their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Identify and synthesize 10 trends in health data to anticipate the evolution in key health data sources globally

Map national and international health databases

Select 4 types of key data sources that present the following criteria:

  • International experience with these data sources ;
  • Large international spread ;
  • Known and used by key healthcare stakeholders ;
  • Of interest given the previously identified trends

Select 4 types of data sources were selected in this study :

  • Public national databases;
  • National Electronic Health Records systems;
  • International cohorts;
  • Real-World Data databases.

For each type of data source, identify the countries with the following criteria :

  • High volume of information available;
  • Geographical representativeness;
  • Technological maturity.

Compare countries for each type of data source.

  1. Identify key health data use cases
  2. Identify the initiatives and projects making use of large volumes of health data.
  3. Select the initiatives that rely of the data sources previously identified and in accordance with the trends presented in part 1.
  4. Identify the key stakeholders involved in these use cases, their strengths and their weakness.
  5. Assess the spread of these use cases at an international level by mapping initiatives in key countries.
  1. Perimeter and trends in health data (Pages N°-35)
    1. Définition and health data types
    2. Trends in health data
  2. Global health data sources map (Pages N°-78)
    1. National databases
    2. National Electronic Health Records
    3. International cohorts
    4. Global Real-World Data databases
  3. International data protection and security framework (Pages N°-99)
    1. Patient perspective on data sharing
    2. International policies
      International health data standards
  4. Health data use cases (Pages N°-127)
    1. The European Digital Single Market
    2. Public health and health system performance monitoring
    3. Personalized medicine
    4. Oncology research
    5. Optimizing pharmaceutical development
  • Language : English
  • Format : Secured PDF
  • Number of page : 127 pages

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