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Consulting and development agency

TECHTOMED’s ambition is:

to create the link between the technology and the medical worlds,

> to enlighten and translate how technologies will change healthcare for patients, for healthcare providers and for industry players,

> to accelerate innovation by operating future models.

Our offer

We are a consulting and development agency at the crossroads of health and technologies. Our mission is to accompany you throughout your technological transformation process: consulting missions, surveys, analytic reports, trainings, content factories, multichannel engagement and other services suited to your needs.

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Technologies open up a new world of possibilities in healthcare: from R&D to patient follow-up.
Technologies are changing the speed of medical and scientific communication, changing traditional interactions between industry, healthcare professionals and patients.
All the actors who lack skills and expertise in these technologies.

TechToMed’s particularity is to respond to
the challenges of its clients by adapting its methodologies
and prioritizing operational implementation.

Franck le Meur

CEO and founder of TechToMed

Who are we?

We believe that technologies bring and will bring new solutions to meet the major challenges of health.
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Nisrine Hmada

Consultante HealthTech & Project manager

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Consultante HealthTech & Project manager

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Franck Le Meur


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Consultante HealthTech & Project manager

Sahar Azami Hassani

Consultante HealthTech & Project manager

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